Sabotage Kitchen

Our Classic Iron Chef with an extra competitive twist.
Can your team outwit the undermining sabotages and be victorious?

Duration:Approx. 3 hours
Layout:15 minute beverage reception
45 minutes hands-on cooking
10 minute appetizer reception
45 minute hands-on cooking
1 hour dining at our lakeside tables

The competition is clear. The goal is set… and then come the sabotages! Your group will be divided into teams. Each team will work together to create a savory and a sweet dish – working through the obstacles thrown their way.

Time restraints, brainstorming sessions, speed shopping, chopping, sautéing and mischievous sabotages….don’t let it bring you to the boiling point! Overcome the challenges! Use your team’s skills wisely and beat the game and the other teams!

A perfect event for groups that have enjoyed our other class formats and are ready to take their team building experience to the next level (no pre-requisites required).