Restaurant Wars

Restaurant-WarsCompete with your coworkers to create an entire restaurant concept from the ground up! This format requires more than just adventurous culinary talent. In addition to a delicious three course meal, each group will also create a full restaurant concept including floral centerpieces, place settings and full menus.

Duration:4 1/2 hours
Layout:30 minute reception with chef’s choice appetizers and beverages
2 3/4 hours hands-on cooking and restaurant conception
1 1/4 hour dining at our lakeside tables

Guests are divided into groups randomly or predetermined by your company. Each group will essentially create their own restaurant. Teams are designated a main ingredient and given free reign to create a signature three-course meal. In addition to the meal, groups must name their restaurant, create a signature cocktail, design a table setting including a floral centerpiece, create menus for their establishments and create a paragraph describing the intended clientele and the ambience. (Forms will be distributed to assist with this portion).

The final hour and 15 minutes guests enjoy all teams’ culinary creations and signature cocktails at our lakeside tables and are able to view the competing teams’ restaurant concepts, tables and menus. Judging takes place behind the scenes and the winning team is announced during dessert.