Pike Place Iron Chef

Pike-Place-Iron-ChefTour and shop Seattle’s Pike Place Market with local chefs! A great format for a visiting group or any group that is looking to ramp up our Classic Iron Chef competition format. Pike Market is an enduring part of Seattle history; a nine acre historic district featuring farmer’s markets, locally owned bakeries, seafood, dairy and butcher shops. With our chefs leading the way, your group will sample and learn how to choose the best local gourmet ingredients to use for your winning menu.

Duration:4 1/2 hours
Layout:60 minutes: Meet Blue Ribbon chefs and shop for ingredients at Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market
30 minutes: Return to Blue Ribbon
30 minutes: Reception of Chef’s choice appetizers and beverages
1 1/2 hours hands-on cooking competition with choice Pike Market ingredients
1 hour dining at our lakeside tables

This team building format is run similarly to our Classic Iron Chef Competition. In addition to the cooking competition in Blue Ribbon’s kitchens, the event begins with our chefs instructors meeting their teams at the famous Brass Pig in front of Pike Place Market. The teams are allotted 1 ½ hours to brainstorm, design a competitive menu with their chef instructor and then strategically shop within their budget.

Teams then have 30 minutes to return to Blue Ribbon where a selection of chef’s choice appetizers and beverages await their arrival. After all teams have arrived, the 1 ½ hour cooking portion of the competition begins in Blue Ribbon’s state-of-the-art kitchens. During the final hour of the event each team’s creations are served buffet style creating a breathtaking presentation. Judging takes place behind the scenes (by chefs that are not working with your event) and the winning team is announced during dessert.

Note: Blue Ribbon Cooking does not provide transportation to or from Pike Place Market.